Pieter Bon, your high quality partner in the food industy

Edible oils and fats since 1752 (!) the versatile activities of Pieter Bon Czn in Zaandam. With more than two-and-a-half century of experience, we know the food industry thoroughly.

When our company moved in 1993 to the Industrial area 'Zuiderhout' we grabbed this opportunity to build a completely new high-quality plant, which is fully equipped to the stricter food industry requirements. Also the customer-oriented and quality-conscious attitude of our employees make Pieter Bon a perfect partner for companies in storage, inventory management of edible oils and fats, and if necessary additional services such as melting, editing, enriching and deodorizing. The tank cleaning and our own weigh bridge are additional services. Skills, technical knowledge and flexibility are well developed at Pieter Bon in order to provide a unique and complete concept, which can be developed and implemented according to the customers' whishes or the product specifications.