Pieter Bon, your high quality partner in the food industy

With 10,000 m2 of storage space, Pieter Bon Warehousing has all the space necessary to be able to offer client focused warehousing. The favorabel geographical position with proximity to the port and processing industry makes Pieter Bon Warehousing the perfect location for the storage of cocoa products and other vegetable fats.

The strength of Pieter Bon is the ability to offer the unique combination of storage, melting, mixing and deodorization of cocoa butter as a package deal in cooperation with S.R.C. B.V. As a result, a flexible reaction can be made to fluctuations in the market. The melting installation of Pieter Bon contains four stainless steel melting units with a capacity of 75 tonnes per day. Direct delivery to the modern refinery, on the same permise, in combination with experience and knowledge of the market complement this unique concept.

Storage, melting and deodorisation on one location