Our refinery SRC, refines, deodorizes and winterises exclusively vegetable oils and fats and is specialized in processing organic products. In addition to this SRC also refines conventional oils and fats. Our team of employees are all qualified in processing and food safety. We know the relationship between product and processing, and also what secures an excellent yield to our clients.

New regulations, new insights as well as higher demands of clients made SRC decide to invest in a new refinery that became operational in 2018. This modern plant is an improvement in quality, yield and flexibility and will give the clients of SRC much more possibilities. Besides physical refining, also chemical refining is possible.

The following oils & fats are regular processes:

  • (Organic) high oleic sunflower oil
  • (Organic) sunflower oil
  • (Organic) rapeseed oil
  • (Organic) safflower oil
  • (Organic) palm oil
  • (Organic) coconut oil
  • (Organic) sheabutter
  • (Organic) cocoa butter
  • Allanblackia oil


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